Join Coach Vance Trefethen and his debate partner Mr. Rob Parks for team-policy debate training over Labor Day Weekend, 2023

Registration Is Open for 2023 Debate Camp!

Vance Trefethen will host students at his home in North Carolina over Labor Day Weekend, August 31 - Sept 4 (Thursday through Monday).
Optional Research Camp Sept 4-6
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Camp Dates: Aug 31- Sept 4, 2023 (Thursday through Monday)
Optional Research Camp: Sept 4-6, 2023 (Monday through Wednesday)
Debate Training for 2023-2024 Policy Debate Competition


Debate training for BOTH Stoa and NCFCA policy debate resolutions. Debaters will begin with a thorough lecture on the year's resolutions, then follow with workshops, lectures on strategic policy debating, and practice debates with live coaching during the round.

After the Regular Camp (lectures, exercises, practice debates) ends on Monday at noon, participants are welcome to stay through Wednesday at noon for Research Camp (for an added fee). During Research Camp, students will be guided in researching Affirmative cases and Negative briefs. The Coach will demonstrate faster research techniques and live demonstration of effective Affirmative case writing and Negative brief writing.


The home of Vance and Bridget Trefethen.
Monroe, NC
Registrants will be emailed address and directions upon completion of their registration.


Are you aspiring to a successful competitive policy debate season (2023-2024)? Coach Vance has been preparing students for speech and debate competition since 1998—and quite successfully, too. Be sure to secure one of the slots at Coach Vance's Policy Debate Camp in North Carolina.


All costs include instruction, food and housing. There are no additional fees.
Student Camp $280
Parent Camp $85
Optional Research Camp: Add $100 for Students / Add $50 for Parents


Information links are to the left to help plan your trip accordingly. Click Camper Registration to start the registration process. We'll get you slotted into place.

If you have questions not answered on this registration site, you may send Vance an email at

Warning: Slots are limited. If you get a message indicating you are on the waiting list, email the Coach at and we can probably fit you in.

See you soon in North Carolina for debate training!