Students will learn a ton at debate camp, but they'll have a blast learning, too.


Training Minds Camps have been running nationwide since 2001. We have a strong history of testimonials. Here are some...

Coach Vance was fantastic. I loved how he encouraged the students to research and find their case based on the evidence rather than picking a topic and then finding research to support it… So critical…Also learned so much about evidence and finding problems with it. I know Max Lucado is called America’s Pastor, so I would like to nominate Luis Garcia as Stoa’s pastor. I love his passion for handling the VERY WORD OF GOD!
—Sharon Browatzke, California

The training minds camp was a fun and exciting experience that my sons and I will always remember. I especially enjoyed getting to know both of the authors of the Blue Book. It was interesting to actually hear Vance debate from the very book he helped write. I especially appreciated Cynthia’s kindness and patience in dealing with my totally inexperienced and emotional 12 year-old son.
—Rich Fenger, Arizona

I was pretty nervous about going to debate camp. As soon as I got there I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was new to this and not the only one who was nervous about it. The lectures by Shane and Vance were very helpful and clear. I know more about this year’s topic and the basics of debate and feel much more confident about the upcoming year.
—Robby Schuemann, Colorado

The coaches were always there to help and coach one-on-one outside of lectures and their teaching was much enjoyed by all of the students involved. I highly recommend this great camp!
—Ryan Murphy, California

Attending training minds was one of the best experiences I have ever had! It was a week full of learning, fellowship, and growing.
—Olivia Bowers, Illinois

This Training Minds Camp helped me understand how to debate even better, and how to think outside of the box. Go. To. This. Camp!
—Miliano Mikol, Texas

I finally believe in myself and I can't wait to see how far I can go—be it to outrounds, Regionals or all the way to the National Championship. Thank you, Training've changed my life.
—Elisa Ron, Texas

Flowing a debate round used to be so hard for me, but after attending this camp, it all clicked... I'm sure that my speeches, my year, and my life will be greatly improved because of this camp.
—Jared Curry, California